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        New NC automatic banner machine is coming into the market with perfect performance on same price!
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        To celebrate the 10th aniversary of Jingong advertising equipment co.ltd ,we are launching this new style numerically controlled fully- auto banner printer  developt from the previous auto banner printer through tech innocation and software upgrade,which truly ensure numarical control of inkloading and temperature adjusting,and make oporation more user friendly
        Operation guide:
        Press ink pump and chose key ‘1’ then press enter ,as illustrated in picture 1,press ‘inkloading”to adjust volume of inkloading, as you press “speed up” the figure of loading goes up ,and vice versa when press “speeddown”.while press the inkload key, have someone watch the speed of the generater in left engine case,which should be 06 normolly at work ,as illustrated in picture 2.
        Press enter before set the temperature control ,then click “temperature set’, in picture 3 the screen says 60, this figure can be adjusted by pressing “↑”and “↓ ” to 53, general temperature range is 50 -70 ℃ .
        Press “display” to see the real-time temperature of the heater, which appears on the screen of inkloading with error less than 10 ℃. When the temperature reach the pre-set level heating system stops automatically and restarts when lower than pre-set level ,this can not only reduce power cost but keep temerature stable constantly as well.
        When this has been done ,inkloading can be started by chosing the right number of inkpump.
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